Learning From Music

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and been moved by the story? Gotten chills? I strive to write like that. Many authors have moved me to chills and tears as well.

I was listening to a piece of music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – now hear me out – and was reminded why I watched the show. The artist, Christophe Beck, truly showcases why I watched the show at all in his pieces, “Close Your Eyes” and “Sacrifice”.

Why? Because you can feel every beat in his outline… everything from the intro to the climax to the dénouement.

We could learn a lot about outlining by listening to music. I’ll post the vids to these songs below. Listen to the music. Feel the beats. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Learning From Music

  1. I find many songs do this. The end credits to many movies and shows capture the spirit and summarize the plot of their corresponding stories.

    Perhaps the first one I noticed that really captures what the story is about is Joel Goldsmith’s 1995 Pop Version of the main title for Star Trek: Voyager. The normal version, seen in the opening credits of the show, though easier to listen to, does not quite capture the wonder of space and exploration, the heart beat and determination of the Pop Version drums, nor the anguish and longing that flowed through the rest of the music counterpoint to the drums. You can feel the crew’s emotions in the Pop Version. And as I have found the Pop Version is transferable to other stories with similar motifs.

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