Author Confessions, Day Three

I’ve fallen behind on these big time, so I’m going to try and catch up.

“When do you write?”

Always. MS Word stays open and minimized so I can click on it at any given moment and add to my work-in-progress, which is a memoir. I also have note apps and Word on my phone and tablet to do the same. It’s really a convenient time to be a writer with all of these apps at our fingertips. I also use pen and paper and a voice recorder to take down ideas. Not to mention all of the scribbled-on napkins from the movies and restaurants I have shoved into my purse. I’ve even made an outline on a pizza box once. So…

I’m always working on something. pexels-photo

Queen of the Waves: A Short Story

Olivia is an elderly, yet robust, dementia patient whose recent memories are nonexistent, yet she remembers The Great Storm of 1900 vividly. She recalls the time when nuns sacrificed themselves to save the children of St. Mary’s Orphanage Asylum from the rising waters of The Gulf of Mexico. At ninety-six-years-old, Olivia discovers that she is destined for a higher purpose than she ever could have imagined. Will she fulfill her destiny?


February Author Confessions-Day 2

canstockphoto6462550“How Many WIPs Do You Have?”

I have several ideas, but there is only one work I consider to be in progress. the story is a creative nonfiction piece called, for a lack of a better title, “Cemetery Music”.


About “Cemetery Music”:

My brother, Andrew Powell, died in February of 2009. Each Sunday after he passed, my mom and I would visit his grave with silk flowers and a small race car on a stick to stand in the bouquet. All we wanted was to grieve in peace, because an elderly gentleman sat a few rows down with a stereo that seemed to only play Billie Holiday. Although we were annoyed, we said nothing.

After a while, we had a change of heart. We came to look forward to seeing the old man. He was sweet; he’d tip his hat when he saw my mother and me. We also found his music soothing and often wished he would crank up the volume so we could hear Billie’s sad tone soar among the stones.

But one Sunday he wasn’t there. I walked to where he normally sat–on a bench under the old oak tree. Next to it was a fresh grave beneath a headstone carved for two.

The facts hit me hard. He had been there every week playing love songs for his wife.

*This is the piece I’m outlining now. I hope I can do the story justice.




Author Confessions, Day 1

February Author Confessions.  I was nominated by Kari Holloway.

Day One: Who is your favorite character in your WIP?

At the moment, I’m polishing “Queen of the Waves”, a story about the Hurricane that is considered to be the largest national disaster our country has ever seen. It made landfall on September 8, 1900, in Galveston, Texas, and killed between 8,000-12,000 people.

My favorite character is Sister Mary Clare, a nun whose tragic sacrifice was meant to save the orphans in her care, but doomed them instead. She is a wonderful character to work with, and I’ll miss her when the project finds its home.